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the Causes

Every item in our store helps increase donations for major causes and projects that help communities around the world. Visit these pages for more information on the causes and projects that this store supports. 


Women's Micro-business 
Microbusinesses can be started in a variety of trades. We work alongside the women to select a microbusiness they would like to do. The aim in helping these women is to give them a way to supplement their income. It benefits their families and their communities. 





Donations for children help us to care of children who do not have a sponsor yet. To learn more about our child sponsorship program click here.




Clean Water Wells 


 Donations toward clean water wells help provide a village with clean drinking water for years to come. Prior to the installation of these wells, villagers would have to walk long distances and wait in lines in order to get a bucket of water to use for cooking and cleaning. And even then the water was not clean but dirty. It could even carry diseases. Tube wells provide the men, women, and children in those villages with clean, fresh water that is near their homes. To learn more about clean water wells click here.


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